Our Accomplishments

• participation in the costs of organisation of a mobile historic and educational exhibition - September 2012

• participation in the costs of a trip to Szklarska Poręba for the children from the Special Educational Centre in Mosina - May 2012

• support in the organisation of Mosina Days 2012 - May 2012

• December 2011 - financial support of the Christmas Meeting of Seniors of Krosinko and Ludwikowo

• result of the competition Wielkopolska przyroda zimą [Wielkopolska Nature in Winter]

The award ceremony will be held on 25 March 2011 at 17:00 at Mosiński Ośrodek Kultury [Mosina CultureCentre], ul. Dworcowa 4, Mosina, where the post-competition exhibition will be organised.

• we organise arts competition for children and teens from the Mosina county - information about the competition is available at phone number: 606 418 409

• support in the organisation of a trip for students of the Complex of Schools for Children with Disabilities no. 105 in Poznań within the scope of the project entitled:

"Świat wartości Jana Pawła II" [The World of Values of John Paul II]

• support in the organisation of Mosina Days - May 2010

• participation in the costs of a trip to Krakow-Łagiewniki-Wadowice -April 2010

• a charity event for the children from our village - January/February 2010

• "Ołówek dla Afryki" [A Pencil for Africa - February 2010

• In November 2009, we donated 50 high visibility vests for cyclists from our county through Municipal Police.

• On 6 June 2009 we have participated in the NGO Festival in Mosina, we organised a stand and a competition with awards for children

• February 2009 a carnival party for children

• August 2008 – within the scope of security programme, we provide 30 cyclists from Mosina county with high visibility vests

• July 2008 – financial support in the organisation of holiday trips for young people from the Junior High School for Disabled Youth in Mosina

• we participated financially and physically in the construction of traffic lights – at the pedestrian crossing on a national road ensuring safe crossing for the children and residents of Krosinko, Mosina county

• co-financing of the construction of the access road to school in Daszewice, Mosina county

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