The Rozenblat enterprise continues the family traditions passed from generation to generation.
The Foundation was established to commemorate the Rozenblat ancestors.

The industrial history of the family dates back to the early years of 19th century.

Jakub Rozenblat (Shay Rozenblat)

Dawid Rosenblatt, a merchant from a Hasidic family from Przedborze arrived in Lodz in 1838 r. and settled in one of the streets of the Old Market Square.

Old Market Square, early 19th century

In 1840, Dawid established a prosperous goods and yarn warehouse in the Jewish district of the Old Town in Lodz. In 1841 his son name Shay was born who having grown mature followed in his father's footsteps dealing with trading activity. In 1858, barely 17, he established a small wool mill situated in Piotrkowska 65. He was successful enough to compete with the "wool king\”, Juliusz Heinzel; however, strong competition made him shift his specialisation to cotton in 1873. He started with the establishment of a cotton mill. A few years later he established a cotton manufacture with the surface area of 7.6 ha situated in Karola 36 (current intersection of Żwirki and Gdańska streets). The business thrived and at the end of the 1880s the factory had a fine-yard mill, yarn waste mill, mechanical mill and employed 260 workers; by 1911 the mill employed 3010 workers.

View of Lodz in the time of Shay Rosenblatt

An advertisement from 1913.

S. Rosenblatt Cotton Product Stock Society

Vignette of "The Senior Board of the Weaver Guild in the City of Lodz\”

Shay Rosenblatt was the director of the Credit Society in Lodz, an honourable president of the Lodz Jewish Charity Society, an initiator of the establishment of the Crafts School "Talmud Tora\”

The "Talmud Tora\” school initiated by Shay Rosenblatt.

Member of Jewish Community and the Synagogue Committee, he also performed a number of other social and honourable functions. Shay Rozenblatt collected paintings of Polish painters such as Matejko, Czechowicz, Gautier, or Trębacz. He died on 30 XII 1921.

Maurycy Trębacz, W oczekiwaniu (In Anticipation)

The Shay Rozenblat family tomb still remains in the Jewish cemetery; it is situated on the right of the main gate next to the main avenue. A vandal or a thief has removed all the letters of the inscription leaving marks on the black stone, the visitors pass unaware of the fact that the models of Henryk Sienkiwicz's "Promised Land" lie buried in the derelict tomb.

The Rosenblatt tomb at the Jewish cemetery in Lodz

Article - '¦wiat', 16 December 1922

The main building of the Rosenblatt mill nationalised by the government of the People's Republic of Poland in 1953; current domicile of Lodz Technical University

View of the textile design and spinning pavilions, a picture of 1970.

Mill gate, 1970s

Mill scale model

Jakub Rosenblatt with his daughter Maryla

Jakub Rosenblatt (1861 – 1921) owner of the mill (founded in the 19th century by his father Jakub Dawid Rosenblatt). In the picture standing with his daughter Maryla, who later obtained a Ph.D. degree in medicine (died in 1942 in Warsaw at the age of 35).

Felicja Rosenblatt

Felicja Rosenblatt, maiden name Mayzner, born in Warsaw in 1867, died in Florence in 1927, wife of Jakub. They polonized the family name to Rozenblat before 1900.

Relics of family correspondence

Tadeusz and Jerzy Rozenblat, Lodz 1906

Lodz, ul. Piotrkowska 65; 1908. Misia, Mietek, Tadeusz, Jerzy and Maryla on the backyard stairs of the tenement house.

Felicja and Jakub with their children in Lodz before the World War I

Jerzy with his brothers and sisters

Lodz 1908. Jerzy with his brothers and sisters: Maryla, Mietek (murdered in Auschwitz in 1944), Michalina (Misia, who died in Rome in 1970s) and Tadeusz (murdered in Auschwitz in 1944)

Jerzy Marek Rozenblat at the age of 8

Salsomaggiore 1914 r., Misia, Tadeusz, Jerzy and Maryla with the governess

Bagnio did Cascara 1919 r., Felicja with the children: Maryla, Tadeusz and Jerzy

Lodz, 11 June 1927., Jerzy

1928 - Jerzy in Lodz

1931 - Jerzy in his apartment in Lodz

1934 - Jan Weigt (sitting) - a family friend, Tadeusz and Jerzy

Jerzy by the Garda Lake; October 1937

1938, Lodz, carnival. Borthers: Mietek, Tadeusz and Jerzy. The family spent the following carnivals in the Lodz ghetto …

The Ghetto...

…Jerzy was sent to Siberia, he was the only survivor.

Archangelsk, 1941-1943. Jerzy Rozenblat in exile

Soon after the war, September 1945; Jerzy with his wife Jadwiga in Bydgoszcz

1947 r, Bydgoszcz. Jadwiga and Jerzy with their son. Below: their two-year-old son Krzysztof.

Jerzy at the end of his life aged 92. Poznań, 1994

Besides memories, the family left few photos and some belongings. Michalina and Jerzy survived the war. Their siblings and relatives were murdered in Auschwitz, and in the Lodz and Warsaw Ghettoes. A Foundation was established to commemorate the deceased members of the Rozenblat family.

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